Our online ordering system helps you turn guests into regulars

Grow your restaurant with market-leading loyalty features

Power your restaurant with your own webshop

Weorder is an online order software for restaurants to do takeaway and QR code ordering for in seat. With market-leading loyalty features we help you increase your sales and make your guests come back again and again.

From food trucks to fine dining

Dine in

With Weorder your guests can order contactless at their table by scanning a QR code or directly from your webshop. You can even give your regulars special offers.


Offer your guests to bring the food home. Guests can scan a QR code outside your restaurant or order from your webshop. Our loyalty features make them come back time and again.


Let Weorder handle the minutia of delivery. The only thing your driver needs to think about is getting the food to your guests. Which they order easily from your webshop.

Try for yourself

You don’t have to decide wether your venue is ready, you can see it for yourself. Getting to know weorder and how powerful the system is doesn’t cost you a dime. We have a starter plan to help you get an overview of what you get.

We help you meet your sales goals

Weorder is industry leading in guest loyalty and turning guests into regulars. Check out our full suite of features for more information

Seamless integration with your POS.

Making all your systems run smoothly saves both time and money. Weorder is integrated with all major POS so you can spend your time serving your guests.

Target your hungry loyal customers

We help you reach the right customers at the right time with relevant offer promotions and marketing campaigns.

Trusted by more than 600 restaurants

You’re in good company with an ever-growing list of restaurants and bars who use Weorder to create the ordering experience of tomorrow.

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