Full integration
with major POS

Minimise hardware cost with software integrations. We have the largest POS integrations in the Nordics and if we haven’t integrated with your POS, we are happy to do so to make sales run smoothly!

Make it yours

Take full control with your end-to-end branded online ordering system. Weorder will provide custom-built iOS and Android ordering apps as well as web-shops for your website.

Smart menu with built in database

Weorder makes setting up your menu an easy task. Smart suggestions and an ingredients database makes getting your menu ready a real joy.

Smart menu with built in database

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Get the right food in front of the right customer

Reach new sales targets by putting the right food options in front of the right customers. You can either use your intuition or use the Weorder customer intent knowledge base and make the informed decisions.

Put your data to work

With every successful order we help you understand what your customers want and need so you can provide a better hospitality experience.

You’re in good company

Join a growing list of restaurants and bars who use Weorder to create the ordering experience of tomorrow.

Target your hungry loyal customers

We help you reach the right customers at the right time with relevant offer promotions and marketing campaigns.

Capture, optimise, and maximise

Through our platform we help you understand where your business rocks and where it needs love. We help you optimise sales potentials with sales data.

Any additional questions?

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Appreciate your loyal customers with tailored offers

We offer comprehensive loyalty programs that range from coupons, promotional offers or cashback points so you can show your customers loyalty is appreciated.

Know your customers and their needs

Hospitality is about knowing customer needs before they do. We help you understand customers preferences so you can deliver a better hospitality experience.

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